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Need to Loose Weight and Burn Fat

Have you ever listened to how people talk about the overweight people? How they criticized them without really even knowing them. I hear remarks sometimes when I am out to eat. Maybe a person who is over weight is sitting in one of the booths eating an ice cream sundae. Remarks like, “that’s the last thing they need. “ Why is an overweight person looked at as they should not let anything sweet pass through their lips. If they are eating french fries, hearing things like, “now I see why they are fat.” It makes me wonder what people could be saying about me even though I am just a few pounds over weight. Why do we judge people so harshly.

It does encourage me to loose weight and learn how to burn fat instead of watching it form on my figure as I grow older. People who are highly overweight sometimes don’t really understand what a proper diet consist of. Maybe their parents were the same way and it is a life style they accepted. Or it could be they have no choice.

Being over weight is no fun. Even extremely overweight people may be able to lessen their weight by adding just a daily walk to their routine. Please start off slow and only a short while. Most likely it will be hard on you and could be hard on your heart to try and do too much to start with. A lot of times, everything a person eats goes to the hips, or it feels that way because they aren’t active enough to burn fat. forskolin

Sometimes just getting up out of a chair can become hard for some. If you are letting yourself fall victim to not being able to do stuff to burn off the fat, then you are also shortening your life. Your heart needs some activity. You need to find someway to push yourself if at all possible.

It is wrong to label people. I totally disagree with just seeing someone and labeling them. I do know some overweight people that I would like to get to take walks and try and help them because I do know the circumstances a bit more.

Most people who are overweight don’t want to be. It happened to them while they weren’t really paying a lot of attention to things, maybe depressed, sick and unable to care for themselves. Or when they were young and just grew up that way. There are so many reasons for being overweight other than just over eating. A lot of people who are overweight don’t really eat that much.

To burn fat, you need to move. Do anything you can to get started. If it’s just walking out to the mailbox and back, that may be more than the usual amount of exercise you get. There are exercises you can do in a chair too that may get you started. Just doing cheer type movements with your arms would be good.

I know all of this can be difficult. If any of it is possible, you could burn fat, and have a better quality of life. Don’t worry about trying to be a size 10 someday. It’s not all that it’s made out to be. Take one step at a time. Make goals you can meet, trying to get to a size 10 could be more discouraging than helpful.

I want everyone to live a long healthy life. Being overweight takes a lot away from life. Many may never be able to obtain a weight loss. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with what God has given you and we are also told not to judge others.

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Burn Fat by Dancing

You won’t only burn fat off your body while you are dancing, if done properly, you can even burn fat off that stubborn belly fat. Belly fat is the fat that is lodged down deep within the tissue layers of your stomach area. There aren’t many exercises that target the belly fat area. It is considered the most stubborn fat there it. I always said I didn’t want to end up with the stomach my mom has. It’s hard not too. I see it coming so I am looking for ways to burn fat off of it better.

If you are like me, you love to have fun. I hate just walking on a treadmill for an hour or jogging, but turning on my television and putting on the music channels I do like. I put on the faster pace type music and dance. If you want to burn fat, especially that belly fat, don’t do the ball room dancing type music. It will work but the results will be so much slower. I love to dance to Lionel Richie’s, ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’ My grand kids like to join me while I dance. That makes it so much more enjoyable. You need to do the faster pace music because, to burn fat, you need to raise your heart rate.

If you are able to dance for about 60 to 90 minutes at a raised heart rate, that is very good. You need to make sure you drink enough fluids while you are dancing. Take a break after every 15 minutes or so and drink water. Don’t drink pop or coffee. Drinks containing caffeine  do not re-hydrate you. They actually de-hydrate you.

Before you start exercising, take your resting heart beat one morning before your feet even touch the floor. That is a sure way of getting an actual resting heart rate. Take your pulse and count your heart beats for a minute.

Then to figure out what your maximum target heart rate is, for women, take 226 minus your age. That is your target range. Men take 220 minus their age.

While exercising to find what your heart rate is and to be sure you are not working your heart too hard, take two fingers and either press the artery in your neck or press on the inside of your wrist and count beats for 10 seconds. Take the number of beats times 6 to get your actual heart rate. If it exceeds your maximum heart rate allowed, you are working way too hard and need to slow down. If your heart rate is still rather in the range of the resting count, speed things up a bit. Different types of dance will give you different results. Dance whatever type it is you need to get your heart rate in a proper range. Your target zone should be between 70 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. You do not want to hit the maximum.

Dancing to burn fat off the belly is a choice for me. It is so much more enjoyable than jogging. I do like to walk, but not sure I can get my heart rate up high enough. A good thing to do would be alternate the activities and not do the same thing every day. That would keep it more interesting, especially if you can get outside. If it’s lousy weather and you are stuck inside, then dancing may be it.No matter what your choice, make sure to get that heart rate going and have fun. You owe it to yourself to have a healthier heart and a more fit you.

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Dieting and Burning Fat

What is a good diet? A low carbohydrate diet can be good to get weight loss started but it’s not a long term diet. Your body uses carbohydrates for energy. You will loose weight at first, but once you start eating carbohydrates, the fat will return. A starvation diet is never a good way to go. I have done it. Loss weight too, but it’s highly unhealthy for you. You have no extra energy to do the things you need to do. When you start eating again, your body will stock up on fat to make up for what you took away from it. Then end result could be you weigh more than you did before you spent days starving yourself.

If you want to diet, don’t cut everything out of your meal plans. First a real good mind tricking thing to do is buy yourself some smaller plates. It never fails when you are passed food at the dinner table, you take an amount to end up with a full plate. If that plate was smaller, you would be eating less, but your brain would think you had eaten just as much as you always do. Portion control is more important than cutting out foods. You can even eat desert, but think about serving size again. When you were a kid your mom usually didn’t give you big helpings. We seem to think we earn them once we are an adult. Go back to the child portion. Then you can eat your deserts again. Plus the deserts will be around the house longer giving you more days to eat them. If you want cookies, only eat one or two. Not a whole handful.

These tips will help you loose weight. It won’t be a fast like so many of the pills say they are. You won’t burn off 30 pounds of fat in only a month. Maybe you won’t even loose 5 pounds in a month, but this is a life change that over time will show good results. It took you how long to gain those pounds? It does take a while to loose them in a healthy way.

To burn fat, you will need to exercise. Dieting only helps you loose the weight and it’s a lot slower. If you add fat burning exercise to your routine a few days a week, the weight loss will accelerated and you will see results so much faster. To burn fat, walk 3 days a week at about 3 miles an hour for 15 minutes. As you get use to the fast pace walk, you can walk longer. A walk at this pace will raise your heart rate causing you to burn fat. The longer you keep your heart rate raised, the better it is for burning fat. You don’t have to run a marathon to burn fat. Along with walking, you can lift weights. Don’t try to see how much weight you can lift one time, instead find a weight you can comfortably lift 12 to 15 times in a row. Then do 3 sets of it. This also raises the heart rate helping you burn fat. Also remember to stretch your body before and after exercise. This helps prevent overly sore muscles.

To loose weight and fat, a proper diet and exercise is the way to do it. Why not start today. Summer will be here before you know it and that bikini hanging in the closet wants to be worn. Make that your goal. To put on your bathing suit this year and feel comfortable around others. Have more fun this summer with a slimmer, healthier you.

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Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine

As you are exercising, your muscles are using a combination of fats and carbohydrates. How they are used depends on how long and how difficult your work out is. During this time you are burning fat. Fat does require an increase of oxygen to get the best fat burning results. If your main reason for exercising is to burn fat, don’t think that if you go faster in a shorter length of time, that you will burn fat faster. The fact is, walking at 3.0 miles an hour for a 1/2 hour will burn more fat than running at 5.0 miles an hour for 15 minutes. Yes, you are taking in more oxygen to start the fat burning process but fats burn off slower because the muscles are now pulling on the carbohydrates for fuel.

Low intensity work outs pull the needed fuel from your blood stream. A longer and more slow paced exercise will use more fat for fuel than carbohydrates.

A fast pace workout uses the carbohydrates stored in your muscles as fuel. You will burn more fats at this intensity but mainly carbohydrates. If you go for a fast run around the block, your body will search for carbohydrates to fuel it’s energy needs more than fat. So the fat burning furnace won’t kick in as nicely as it does on a low intensity walk.

Loosing weight doesn’t just depend on a low intensity workout or a high one, it depends a great deal on how much you are eating and what your diet consist of. You have to be able to burn more calories than you eat a day if you want to loose weight. This means if you are only looking to burn the calories, the higher intensity level would be what you want to do. Working harder will burn more calories.

Most of us want to loose weight and burn fat. That is my plan. That means I need to burn more calories than I eat and increase my activity level.

I know that to start I will need to take walks. Starting at 30 minutes a day if I was just a beginner but I can already go an hour with no trouble. I only walk once a week right now but need to beef it up to 5 days a week. This will help me build up my metabolism which will help turn my body into a fat burning machine. Along with walking, I will continue to lift weights as I am already doing. I will need to increase it to 3 days a week. I currently do 2 days. No problem there, we have the weight room in our basement. Not everyone has access to weights, but there are gyms out there where you can go work out. Building your muscle strength will help you burn more calories when you are resting. Even burn calories while you sleep. That sounds wonderful.

Then I need to be more concerned about the portions of food I take and what I am eating. I do watch my carbohydrate intake. I eat more proteins, vegetables and fruits. I also like my dairy. That could be where my calories are coming from. I may cut down on dairy products.

You need to find what works best for you. Look at your diet, your lifestyle, decide what changes would work out best for you. Remember you didn’t gain this weigh over night and it’s going to take awhile to loose it.

Always check with your doctor if you have any health problems or concerns before starting an exercise program.

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Do Fad Diets Burn Fat?

It is possible that some fad diets do burn fat, but is it a diet you can live with for the rest of your life? They always have testimonials listed as to how well they work. They also show pictures of people that have lost weight and burned fat off in a remarkably short time. Do you really believe it is all possible? I believe it is possible to follow a fad diet and loose weight, but I don’t think the diet is one I can stick with. They all typically have foods I don’t eat on a regular basis. Sometimes the food isn’t very enticing. Using a fad diet to start may help accelerate your weight loss but don’t plan on that weight staying off. If you don’t want to spend your life bouncing from one fad diet to the next, you need to do some lifestyle changes and add exercise to your routine.

There’s the Grapefruit diet. Who has not heard of the grapefruit diet? I remember my mother following their advice when I was only a young child. I think it’s been being promoted since the 1930′s. You can loose weight quickly with it. They say that grapefruit has some sort of an ingredient in it that when you eat one in combination with a protein, they help you burn fat. Now that part I didn’t know about. I eat grapefruit and so does my husband, but we eat them as a late night snack before bed. Now I know what I am doing wrong. It’s possible the weight you loose while on the diet may only be water weight. It will help the scale move temporarily but the pounds will possibly be back when you return to eating like you did before going on the diet. The food choices are taken from low calorie, low carbohydrates and high protein type foods. You diet for 12 days to loose 10 pounds. I would advise anyone wanting to loose weight to also do some exercises. That will enable you to burn more fat and maybe keep the weight off.

The Atkins diet is a very well known plan too. My mom has also done a version of that one. Like the grapefruit diet, it is a high protein low carbohydrate diet. They have allowed so many of the foods we have been forbidden for years to eat. Some are sour cream, steak, eggs both the yolk and white parts are some examples. The plan looks at the reason many people are overweight is due to carbohydrates, not fat. Change your eating habits and instead of burning off carbohydrates when you are exercising or during your every day activities, you start burning fat instead. To burn fat, this looks like a very good idea.

This is only two of the diets out there that have been rather popular over the past years and still being used by dieters today. They do start up your fat burning engines. They help you loose weight. Your body shape will change and you may even see your belly fat burning off. That is the hardest fat to burn.

The question is, can you live on this type of diet the rest of your life? The grapefruit diet is only 12 days long. Then you must take a couple days off before starting it again. The Atkins diet doesn’t have a time limit. It is good to be under the care of your doctor when doing it, but can you give up your carbohydrates for ever? Aren’t carbohydrates good for you? That’s where we get our energy, right?

It is possible to live on the Atkins diet, but most would be unable to do it. I like my pies, potatoes and sweets too much. After loosing your weight on the diet, most will revert back to their old eating habits and gain the weight back.

You don’t ever want to be fat again, right? To do that, you need to learn portion control and but not deprive yourself of foods. When putting your food on your plate, only add a few of the foods that contain carbohydrates. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and protein. Be sensible about the portions of even the foods that are considered good items to eat. If you do this, you should see a weight loss, maybe not as fast as some diets claim, but you will loose. Eat sensibly and you can adapt a diet for life, not just a few weeks. If you need to loose faster, one of the above diets can help, but remember to eat sensibly after loosing the weight.

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Are You Ready to Burn Fat?

Many people are now thinking about weight loss. How they want their stomachs to have that rock hard look again. No more love handles, cellulite, jiggly butts, or belly fat. Everyone wants a trim lean look but how does one accomplish it?

If you eat well balanced meals, eat good choices for your snacks that are low in sugar and fat, exercise daily, you will loose weight. At least you will at first. Many will be disappointed at the fact that they may still have that ugly belly fat. Why isn’t the stomach flatter? You have been doing so many stomach crunches that your insides hurt but the results are disappointing.

First thing we need to take into consideration is your age. Have you reached that age where reaching for the body you had in the 20′s is no longer an option? I always heard once you hit 30, everything is down hill. I don’t think that is true. You will reach an age, I am not going to point out what it is, when you need to give up looking for the youthful body and just try to maintain a healthy one. You cannot stop the skin from sagging, it’s not going to snap back. You don’t have the muscle mass you had when you were younger or the energy. It also does take time to see results. They are not as quickly seen as when we were younger.

Even if you can’t look twenty any longer, you still need to take care of your body. To keep it working as efficiently for you as it can. To do this you need to burn fat and exercise. You really don’t have to go out and join a gym to get a good workout. An excellent workout that is good for your heart and will burn fat is walking. If you are just starting out, you may have to take it a bit slower than the other walkers around you who keep passing you up. That’s ok, as you get into better condition, you can speed up a little, but don’t try to compete with others, you can only do what you are able to do.

After you have been doing a regular walking routine for awhile and eating a balanced diet, you may see that tummy bulge going down a bit. Even if the scale doesn’t really read that you have lost weight, you are burning fat. Start off walking 2 days a week for about a half hour, then increase it to 3 days a week for 45 minutes and so forth.

Adding some weight lifting to your routine will help you rebuild some of your muscle mass. Tighten up those saggy underarms. Give you some additional strength that will come in handy when trying to do some of those chores around the house. With weight lifting, you don’t want to work the same muscle group every day. You want to skip a day in between work outs. Some people choose to do the upper half of body one day and the lower half the next day. Muscles need at least 24 hours to recover from a work out with weights. Doing weight training 3 days a week for about a half hour is a good start. To help you burn fat, try to do sets of 12 repetitions of each exercise. You can increase it to 15 when you are ready. There isn’t a real need to increase the weight you are lifting as much as there is to increase the repetitions if you are wanting to burn fat.

For your stomach, doing crunches and reverse crunches can help tone those loose muscles. It won’t get rid of the fat, but it can tone the muscles under the fat pulling the stomach in. The result will be a firmer looking stomach, but you still need to keep walking, toning and eating healthy to help burn fat.

Depending on your age, you may not look 20 again, but you can still look good for the age you are.

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Your New Years Resolution

It’s that time of year again. As one year is ending, we are all thinking how we might do things a little different next year. Maybe this year you will write that book you have been talking about. Or is this the year that you are going to upgrade that kitchen and bath? We all start the year out with a lot of plans on doing things to make the next year even better.

What is the number one resolution most people make? Is it reading more books, studying your Bible daily, playing more video games?

The number one New Years Resolution is to loose weight. Burn off that fat that has accumulated around your mid section or hips. How many actually keep their resolutions? Very few.

If you are planning on loosing weight, what is your plan?

Many people start a diet with the first 3 letters of the word, diet. They slowly die from starvation. Stop eating everything for a time period. I actually use to go 7 days straight without eating a single bite. Did I loose weight, yes. Did I keep it off, no. I didn’t learn to eat right, I only quit eating. Once I started eating again, I would once again eat like I use to. Smaller portions to start, but gradually the old habits always return. I didn’t learn anything about how to loose weight.

What can you do different than starvation? Maybe we need to change that word diet. Having the first three letters of the word spell die isn’t very encouraging. We need to say instead, lifestyle changes. Burn fat, burn off calories, fight the bulge anything but diet. I don’t want to die.

Do you have a plan? Are you relying on pills to help you loose weight? Following a fat burning program you have seen advertised? You are going to see many ways to burn fat here in the next couple of months. Many programs will be being advertised. The market is ripe.

Many of these programs will help you. They will even teach you how to keep the weight off, learn new ways of eating. Some people may go overboard, starving themselves to death as I did. Eventually most learn that starvation isn’t the best way.

You need to learn what you are doing to gain weight to begin with. Do you have a hard time pushing yourself away from the dinner table? Do you eat bread, potatoes and a starchy vegetable with your dinner most of the time? Are deserts late at night your downfall?

I heard the other day that if you want to eat carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, crackers and deserts, it is best to eat them before 3pm. Later than that, your fat burning slows down. You tend to relax and watch more television. A person is just over all less active in the evening. What is our biggest meal of the day? Dinner is or supper as some call it. What time of day do we eat it? Usually most eat it after 5pm. Dinner is usually full of carbohydrates. This makes dinner so much harder to burn off.

Exercise is very important. Don’t do it too late in the day. Exercising then going to bed an hour or so later can cause sleeping problems. Exercise can be almost like drinking a cup of coffee. It is very motivating. Sleeping after wards is a very uncommon trait.

Remember, after you loose the weight, you need to continue burning fat daily if you want to keep the weight off. Making a lifestyle change will benefit you most.

Keep that New Years Resolution this year. Make that your newest resolution. You will be happier and healthier in the long run.

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Americans Are Overweight

Back in the early nineteen sixties there was a study completed on how to determine if you are fat. It was determined that is a lady is 5 feet tall and weighs less than 140 pounds, she is not considered fat. Go pass that 140 pound mark and you are overweight. That was good/bad news for me. I am a woman, 5 ft tall, and I weigh 140 pounds. That’s good news because it means I am not that much overweight and don’t have to loose much to be in the guidelines. The bad news is, I still am overweight. A man who is 6 feet in height and weighs over 204 pounds was considered overweight. It was found that 24.3 percent of the adult population in America was overweight. Another survey done in the early part of nineteen seventies, found that 25 percent were overweight and by the time a third survey was done in the later part of the seventies, there were 25.4 percent of the American adult population overweight. In the nineteen eighties, the numbers were at 33.3 percent. In 1994, research findings were published showing that in just 10 years time, residents of America had all together accumulated over a billion pounds. We are now in 2012, are you wondering what the results are now? My guess is it has continued to get worse. Too bad there isn’t a cure like the flue shot for obesity. Now we don’t only have fat adults, we are letting our children get fat too. I find it hard to watch some of the talk shows on daytime TV that have children on them that are so overweight they can hardly walk. The parents say they don’t really eat that much, or they feed them because they are so hungry. I remember one that ate a big bag of M&M’s for a mid day snack. Why has this happened to America?

There are many that try and tell us why we are fat. It’s because we don’t exercise. We eat too many sweets. Many say carbohydrates in our diet are the problem. Then there’s the low fat diets because we are eating too many fatty items. Now I am hearing how they add ingredients into our low fat, or no fat foods that actually make us want to eat more. We eat too many processed foods. There are so many different views as to why we are fat.

What can you do about it? First of all, stop and check out your own diet. Don’t worry about everyone else’s. Look for flaws in your diet that could be steering you in the direction of being overweight. Most of the time, anything you are over eating can be a problem. Even drinking too much milk or water can be bad for you. Portion control is very important.

Burn fat. That is so important. It is also important for your bodies well being. Don’t start an exercise program that is doomed to failure. Figure out some thing that you enjoy doing. If walking is your thing, go for a walk. It you like to dance, maybe work on your routine a few days each week. Then there is also weight lifting. It works wonders for burning fat if you do it right. Now I know we women don’t want big bulky muscles. Don’t worry. You aren’t built to have them. When lifting, you should not worry as much about how much you can lift as to how many repetitions you can do. Doing 12 to 15 repetitions in each set will help you burn fat. Doing only 5 or 6 repetitions of a set lifting as much as you can possibly lift, tightens your muscles, but it doesn’t burn fat.

If you are a woman, your body is built for storing fat. It’s a lifetime chore to stay trim. You may not be able to achieve it with all the factors against you, but you can possibly stay in a good range that you can feel good about.

Don’t count your calories so much as watch your portions. Try and eat something out of every part of the food pyramid to keep a balanced diet daily. Then get active in some way. If you do all of this, you have a very good chance of burning off that excess fat and getting a leaner, healthier you.

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